Sunday, January 10, 2016

America's Army

The Army is the largest military branch in the United States. Its job is to protect the country and its citizens. Today, the Army is made up of more than 700,000 Soldiers, including active duty and Army Reserve personnel. Army Soldiers fill many roles. They are doctors, lawyers, and engineers, electricians, computer programmers and helicopter pilots. They are police officers, logistics experts and civil affairs representatives. The Army’s constant need for a diverse range of individual Soldiers, each with his or her own expertise is what sets it apart from other military branches. The Army has two categories of Soldiers: Enlisted Soldiers and Commissioned Officers. Both groups are important to the structure of the Army. Enlisted Soldiers are the backbone of the Army. They are responsible for completing day-to-day operational tasks, much like the employees of a company. Officers are responsible for planning missions and operations. Most importantly, they are entrusted with the lives of the Soldiers under their command. The path to becoming an Officer is much different than that of enlistment.

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